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Neil Bruce

Neil Bruce

Digital Happiness Consultant


Creative Media/New Media/Digital


Guest Member





Neil Bruce is a guitarist, sound designer, composer, academic, trainer and videographer, with a background in digital marketing.
Throughout his varied career Neil has bridged the gap between creativity and technology, and as such he is in continual demand for his skills and ability to make things happen.

Neil runs Digitally Content, DigitallyContent's aim is provide your business with strategically targeted digital content and consultancy, specifically targeted towards your market place, empowering you to develop high quality/low cost content in house or via our extensive network of highly skilled content creators.

Neil has had his Sound Design and Compositions used in Film, Computer Games and Television as well as online digital channels, he is heavily involved in Sonic Branding.
He has worked at the world famous Manor Mobile studios with artists, including Dr Alban,Al Green, Barbara Cooke Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. He also produces online digital marketing content through film production, infographics, directing, editing and creating film content for large corporatations to SME’s and lectures on Film Sound, Film Production, Multitrack and studio recording and Motion Graphics using After Effects.

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