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Media Surface Table Interfaces




Media Surface Table Interfaces

Supporting audience interactions on live TV 

This project is exploiting the power of multi-touch tables and interactive media to create a novel interface for TV presenters.  The interface allows presenters to bring forward the views of the public by connecting into social networking sites, and supports opinion clustering and to explore emerging public views in order to support ongoing live debates. This work is carried out in collaboration with Dr Lee Griffiths, School of Computer Science, University of Salford. 


Visualising and interacting with artifacts in musuems

This interface was developed on the Microsoft Surface table to demonstrate how visitors could interact with arts and cultural artifacts to make their experience more memorable and leave their own opinion with each artifacts. An alternative web interface was also developed to provide the same facility for remote visitors to leave their own opinion against each artifact they visit. This work is being conducted in collaboration with the Lowry Museum.


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