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The Lowry Quiz Game

The Lowry Quiz Game

A virtual representation of the MediaCityUK is used here to create the Lowry quiz game. The main idea is to provide users with the opportunity to experience and learn about the Lowry’s paintings in an interactive way within a game environment combining the fun element with the educational one. Through this virtual game, players will be able to use virtual avatars to walk through MediaCityUK towards the Lowry’s building. As the players enter the Lowry’s gallery where the paintings are exhibited, they start exploring them. Once the players move closer to the paintings, a pop up box will appear with information about each painting (Figure 1) such as the painting’s title, year and medium whether it is oil on board or canvas and so on. As the player becomes familiar with the information available to them, the pop up will disappear and a question will come up with multiple choice to test the player’s knowledge of that particular painting. Players will be credited with points every time they correctly answer these questions.

This tool has the potential to be used as an education device for children to learn about the artist or for those who would like to further explore the artist’s work. Also, it has the potential to be used by museums and art galleries to extend their art to the digital realm creating a different dialogue with their users.

The Lowry game has been developed by the THINKlab technical team at the University of Salford as part of the FIRM project and was demonstrated during the Quays open day taking place on the 18th February 2012.

To access the web application, please visit using the following login credentials:

First name: User01

Last name: Public

Password: password (lower case)

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