The 20 Innovations That Have Changed the World

Two decades have passed since 2000 and never before has technology been revolutionary. The end of twenty years, a period of balance sheets. An unprecedented technological evolution has taken place…Continue readingThe 20 Innovations That Have Changed the World

The Influence of Digital in Cinema

From Sandy Marton Videos to Avatar Let’s retrace some steps of this revolution. At the end of the Eighties the use of digital in cinema was essentially linked to the…Continue readingThe Influence of Digital in Cinema

Future of Cinema and New Media

What is Firm Innovation?

Firm Innovation dedicates itself to exploring and shaping the future of digital technology across various sectors. Our core focus includes the future of cinema and new media, where we delve into the transformative impact of digital advancements on the entertainment industry. We analyse how these technologies are redefining storytelling, audience engagement, and the cinematic experience. Additionally, we extend our expertise to emerging fields such as the best robotic lawn mowers, examining how automation and robotics are revolutionising traditional practices, enhancing efficiency, and reshaping landscapes. Our commitment is to provide insightful analysis, innovative solutions, and forward-thinking perspectives at the intersection of technology, culture, and business.

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