Film Promotion

Film promotion is basically the marketing of a film in preparation for its theatrical release or perhaps as part of its publicity campaign. It is the activity of promoting the movie or at least the movie itself so that people will know about it. Film promotion is usually taking place in conjunction with the process of movie distribution and is the activity of raising awareness about a particular movie before its release.

For example, if you are making a science fiction movie that is premiering in some big theatres around the country you will want to do everything possible in order to get people to come to see your film whether they are going to the actual theatres to watch it or just view it on their television screen. Film promotion consists mainly of sending out press releases to newspapers and magazines and having posters and ads in local theatres. Theatres also play an important role in popularizing a new release since they display films for a limited time and provide opportunities for ticket sales. Posters and theatre ads are also a good way to announce a specific theme or genre of a film and to tell your viewers what the theme or genre is. Film promotion can also be used to announce cast additions, to whom exactly the role of the lead character will be played by and other various bits of information that is interesting to your viewers.

Film promotion is very much like any other marketing strategy, but instead of using conventional channels such as television, radio, etc., you will be employing an unconventional strategy such as producing short films as part of your film promotion campaign. Film marketing strategy requires that you understand your target audience, their interests and tastes, as well as the marketing tools available to you which may include SEO optimized websites, branded print ads, posters, etc. If you follow these tips you will be well on your way to promoting your movies in an effective and affordable way.