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Our Picks For Underrated CRM Companies For Financial Services

The financial sector faces unique CRM challenges online. Application processes are lengthy, reliable lead qualification and scoring is essential, and upselling is highly lucrative.

Fortunately, there are many CRM companies that provide specialist features for the industry. Keap is one such example, offering a suite of sales and marketing tools to help your team focus on their core competencies.


ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation tool with CRM features. It offers a comprehensive set of features and is suitable for all business sizes. Its robust email marketing capabilities are enhanced by its sales CRM and automation tools. It allows you to schedule messages to target leads at critical points in the customer journey.

It also has a chat feature that lets you respond to inbound questions from customers and prospects. This is an excellent way to help them with their issues and increase conversions. The feature is easy to implement and can be customized.

ActiveCampaign has a robust CRM that helps you track the progress of your leads and sales team members. You can even set up automated scoring rules based on the information you collect from your audience. This can help you prioritize your leads and improve your ROI.


This CRM and sales execution platform is a good choice for businesses that need to track and analyze leads. It can also help you identify trends in customer behavior. It also has a built-in marketing automation suite that allows you to automate client onboarding, nurturing, engagement and re-engagement. It can also help you create and track automated email and SMS campaigns.

It provides intelligent lead management by allowing you to segregate leads based on attributes and preferences for campaign communication offers. It can also help you reduce lead leakage by tracking call logs, preventing missed opportunities.

The software can be used by businesses of any size and industry, including healthcare and financial services. It can also help you meet regulatory requirements by offering features like Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, document tracking and field work automations.


SugarCRM is a modular CRM application that can be customized by each business to suit their needs. It also offers a variety of deployment options, including cloud, on-demand, and on-premises. It is also easy to integrate with external applications, such as social media or email.

It can help speed up the sales process by enabling you to create quotes and track new customer interactions. It can even predict which leads are likely to convert with its advanced lead interest analysis. It can also track call activity and link calls to cases.

Other features include a form builder, a unified marketing calendar, and advanced reporting. It can also automatically synchronize with your email, social media, Gmail, and Outlook. It can also be integrated with DocuSign, making it easier to get documents signed from anywhere in the world.


Freshsales offers a range of CRM features, including lead management and sales automation tools. Its lead scoring feature helps you prioritize high-value leads and automate follow-ups. The system also allows you to assign leads to the right sales representative.

The CRM also includes a variety of data visualisation tools that enable you to view data in a number of different ways. This makes it easy to analyze and understand complex information.

In addition to these features, Freshsales CRM also provides a range of customer support channels, including live chat and email. Its user support articles are well-written, but have slightly below-average readability. The CRM also has key security and compliance features that protect your data from breaches. These features are particularly useful for companies that work with large volumes of personal data.


Drip is an email marketing platform that focuses on personalization, automation, and evergreen sales. It offers a robust set of tools for music artists and creators to build relationships with their fans. It also features good-looking signup forms and embeddable widgets that can be used on websites to grow email lists.

Its e-commerce integrations are excellent and it offers a variety of pre-made workflow templates for different types of businesses. It also provides a variety of options for tagging and segmentation. It also offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor.

The Drip dashboard is easy to navigate and displays important application data, including email campaigns, email lists, and segments. It also shows a real-time activity report. However, the navigation can be confusing for a beginner and its automated campaign section is named “workflows” instead of “series”.