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The Tik Tok Innovation Phenomenon

Tik Tok for companies: let’s get to know the social of the moment better!

Tiktok Companies: A Possible Future?

TikTok is the social trend of the moment, the platform that allows you to share music videos and unleash the creativity of generation Z (and beyond). The app, born in 2017, reached 315 million downloads in the first quarter of 2021 alone (in total 2 billion users have downloaded TikTok)!

But is it really the future or is it just a flash of time as the now defunct predecessors were at least in Snapchat, Vine and Musical.ly?

Is TikTok and innovative companies a possible combination? What are the businesses that should move to this platform and what content should they produce?

We’ve found that TikTok is expanding like wildfire among people and businesses, but there is still very little information and guidelines.

How It Works and How to Use TikTok

Whenever a new platform begins to make its way through the public the most common questions are: how does it work and how to use it. Let’s be clear.

Once you have installed TikTok you can immediately start watching the most popular videos in the “For You” section, without creating your own profile! Yes, you got it right, on TikTok it is not necessary to register to view content. If you want to create videos or follow users, leave likes, comments and share, you need to register. The ability to use content without leaving your data is a great point of differentiation of this platform compared to the others!

Also on TikTok, as on other social networks, it is possible to label the contents with hashtags and facilitate the search by users.

But be careful, because if you think you will find only comic dances and sketches on TikTok you are very wrong! On TikTok you can also find lots of educational content useful tips for your business and your passion.

In fact, more and more professionals share their know-how with others in a simple and immediate way through small video pills between 15 and 60 seconds that can be customized with a wide choice of filters, effects, stickers and songs; thus getting closer and closer to the initial goal of the two Chinese entrepreneurs Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang, founders of the app.

TikTok for Your Company

But let’s get to us, how should companies behave on TikTok? Which businesses need to move to this platform and how?

As with any business, it is important to first ask yourself:

  • What is my goal?
  • What do I want to communicate?
  • And above all: what target do I want to reach?

This last point is decisive: at the moment the range of users present on TikTok is between 16-24 years old, he is the customer of the future, son of generation Z a customer who:

  • Has a very low attention span;
  • He likes to take on the role of the creator;
  • Prefer images to texts
  • Do you want to get to know the customer of the future up close? Read our article Digital Trend 2020: all the News of the Decade and find out how to conquer Generation Z!

To attract the attention of the customer of tomorrow we must be able to offer creative and engaging content and above all invite him to create. On TikTok there are many tools to do this, first of all the challenges with customized hashtags. In this way the company invites users to create content that focuses on their product or brand.